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ADD: No.30 Gongxin Road,North Developing District of Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang
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TEL: +86-576-84229881
FAX: +86-576-84116958
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Design is a key factor to make a mould successfully.

All design engineers and assembly engineers of  Zhongya Mould have been received specialists' strict professional training on mould design. In design process, they will make comprehensive analyses on such aspects as quality, cost, and time for your moulds and plastic products, so as to guaranteeyour products can be brought forward to market with absolute competence.

In order to guarantee successful manufacture of moulds, designers conducts mould flow analysis, structure analysis and performance analysis on each set of moulds. With the up-to-date design software and precise equipment, we are devoted to providing customers with the most valued new products. We are able to provide customers with various mould test reports, and reference information for plastic injection products. Zhongya Mould strictly protects customers’ intellectual rights, and never divulge any information.

Our company has a range of advanced mould manufacturing,testing equipment together with the first class CAD/CAE/CAM systems,and also has an experienced team with professional technology. The perfect combination of both sides is the core strength of Zhongya mould's R&D,designing,manufacturing and production.

Our main design and manufacturing software are listed as follows:
Unigraphics(3D) Pro/ENGINEER(3D)Solid Words(3D)Master CAM (3D)Cimatron(3D)Auto CAD(2D)
We are able to accept and deal with many kinds of electronic files,such as dwg, dxf, x_t, prt, step, stl, IGS and so on.

TEL:+86-576-84229881 84229195   FAX:+86-576-84116958  E-mail: lin@chinazhongya.com / zhongyamould@126.com
Add:No.30 Gongxin Road,North Developing District of Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang
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